How to solve problem with oily hair?

How to solve problem with oily hair?

Looking at hair of the person, it is possible to tell about that what he is person. Now huge number of means which help hair to look beautifully and brilliantly is thought up. It is necessary just to make a few efforts and persistence. The achieved result will not keep waiting and will please you still very long.

Problem of oily hair

You can have oily hair by nature, or from carrying headdress and cold season. Oily hair is problem of work of your sebaceous glands. Also dandruff can serve both as the reason, and the investigation of unruly hair. Deal with these two problems in parallel, and the good result is provided to you.

Ways of fight against grease hair

Quickly soiled hair it is necessary to wash and look after them correctly. Use water no more than 50 degrees, such temperature optimum is suitable for head skin. It is desirable to use the boiled or slightly softened with baking soda water. Frequent washing of the head, not really well affects structure of hair. To optimum wash the head of times in three days. Choose shampoo which part natural ingredients are, they are capable to hold longer time the correct balance of head skin.

 During washing by the massing movements rub shampoo, thereby you mass skin and you improve blood circulation. It is necessary to dry oily hair phenom at average temperature, keeping the hair dryer at arm's length of 20-30 cm from your head.

Also important criterion of the correct work of sebaceous glands is observance of diet. Use in food fruit, vegetables, liver, beef, different porridges and bread from coarse flour. Enter into structure of your diet vitamins B and With, vitamins the containing zinc, sulfur and iron. Drugstores sell special complexes of vitamins which help to fight against the fat content of hair.

National methods can also save the situation

Use masks and special tinctures for rubbing in in head skin.

- if you the owner of dark hair, as conditioner use broth of tansy, mint, bark of oak, camomile and field horsetail. It will help you to eliminate excess greasiness of hair, and will also add them gloss, volume and silkiness.

- mask from garlic porridge, honey, egg yolk, aloe and lemon, it is fine to cope with oily hair

If folk remedies and special shampoos do not resolve your problem with the fat content of your hair, then you need to treat it seriously. Having seen in time the dermatologist, you will be able to put your hair and internals which entirely influence sebaceous glands in order. Having got rid of problem inside, she will disappear outside.

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