How to spend calories

How to spend calories

problem of weight loss disturbs many people – especially women. What do growing thin need to know? First of all the fact that excess weight disappears when kilocalories comes to organism less, than is spent. Let's talk about that as well as what it is correct to spend calories for.

It is required to you

  • - calculator;
  • - table of caloric content of products.


  1. On average the adult only for maintenance of life needs 1 kilocalorie per hour on 1 kg of weight. The more you move – the spend more kilocalories, and, therefore, the quicker grow thin (if, of course, you do not increase the volume and caloric content of the eaten food). Certainly, that the organism has begun to spend laid up in fat folds – it is necessary to create deficiency of receipt of kilocalories. If in day you do not gather additionally 500 kcal, then daily will begin to lose 55 grams of fat weight. To dump 1 kilogram of weight it is necessary to spend about 9,000 calories. What it is possible to spend the calories reserved by organism within one day for?
  2. 100 kilocalories it: - 4 minutes of splitting of firewood; - 15 minutes of squeezing of dumbbells; - 15 minutes of playing hockey; - 9 minutes of playing basketball; - to rise by the 9th floor on foot.
  3. 200 kilocalories it: - 2-hour cleaning of the apartment; - 15 minutes of run on the elliptic exercise machine; - ironing of shirts – not less than 14 pieces; - 30 minutes of skating; - removing of furniture – about 20 minutes; - washing of ware – 1.5 hours; - walk by vigorous pace – 4 kilometers; - 15 minutes of jumps on jump rope.

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