How to spin boring on hair

How to spin boring on hair

Braids from threads in style of hippie, or boring, are fashionable and original ornament for hair. This non-standard hair can be done on hair of any length. There are two most often found ways of weaving of boring.

It is required to you

  • - hairbrush;
  • - embroidery floss;
  • - beads;
  • - beads.


  1. By means of hairbrush separate thin part of hair which you are going to braid. Then take two color embroidery floss of the identical size, but twice exceeding length of lock of hair. Now at its basis tie ordinary small knot. That threads did not slip, can make several small knots.
  2. Strong record node and wind the straightened lock of hair and three threads with the fourth thread. Do it so that rounds of threads very densely were located to each other.
  3. Pro-spinning braid distance necessary to you string of one color, change it, having taken string of other color from lock and continue weaving, having filled inside string of the last color. Change colors until threads end and so far you do not complete this process fully. Finish weaving, having tied accurate small knot on lock tip.
  4. You can weave the number of such braids so much how many want. Then, when you will wish to remove braid, just carefully unwind threads and comb hair.
  5. There is one more more convenient way of weaving of boring as during creation of braids of thread do not slide off locks of hair. Take, as well as in the first case of thread and allocate necessary lock of hair. Holding with fingers, fix thread at the basis of lock and begin to spin usual braid, accurately interweaving into it threads.
  6. Then by means of the free ends of color threads braid braid. And it is necessary to spin semi-loops, passing the end of thread throughout the previous loop. Tighten semi-loop, every time tightening thread. Thanks to it boring will be more exactly and more beautifully.
  7. Do small knots so much how many you will wish, constantly changing colors until you wind braid up to the end, and you will not bring boring to length necessary to you. In end decorate it, for example, with beads or beads.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team