How to spin bows from hair

How to spin bows from hair

Bow from hair – quite interesting and by sight very lovely hairstyle. Girls and women who have long hair and direct can make it even in house conditions. Though it is necessary to tell that here not to do without skill and some skills, otherwise the hairstyle will look untidy.


  1. If hair at you not straight lines, use the iron that to straighten them. Besides, you will be need hairpins, scrunchies, pins, hairpin bow and, perhaps, varnish. Wash up hair and dry up because the hairstyle will be better to look on clean hair.
  2. Separate and pin up bang that it did not disturb you in operating time. Then it is necessary to collect hair in tail. Make it directly on the top that future hairstyle was located accurately, without being filled up sideways.
  3. The bang can be broken away now, it will not prevent you any more. From upper part of tail allocate lock approximately in the middle. It will play small knot role on bow. That it did not disturb you yet, pin up it ahead.
  4. Then it is necessary to clasp tail and to run hand up to the end then to fix elastic band in its end. In each case it will be the place because length of hair at each person individual. Generally, choose for yourself the most suitable place for fixing of elastic band and if you have small tail, pass it throughout it that looked accurately.
  5. Raise tail, having enclosed under it palm, then begin to lower it. Form certain similarity of fan and by means of hairpins set result. If it is required, sprinkle varnish.
  6. Now divide the turned-out fan from hair into two half, thereby having received bow. Make on it small knot, having released lock which has been fixed by you in the third step. Having pulled this lock back, put it in the middle of bow, lower the ends down then fasten by means of invisible beings.
  7. At you many locks behind can turn out. Hide them accurately under hairstyle, having fixed by hairpins or invisible beings. And that under the turned-out bow from hair any small tails were not visible, fix hairpin for hair in the form of bow. The bow from hair is ready, can go on final or guest-night and to surprise with the fashionable hairstyle of people around.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team