How to spin braid around

How to spin braid around

Braid - maiden beauty. If you have long hair, then just it is better not to find hairstyles. Especially effectively the braid braided around looks. It not only is very stylish, but also it is convenient. Such option of hairstyle will be suitable both for solemn occasion, and for every day.

It is required to you

  • Hairbrush, hairspray, hairpin.


  1. The plait begins to be done usually in front, the zone framing face has to be the accuratest. About one third of all hair fall on this area. It is necessary to separate it from the main volume before beginning weaving of braid.
  2. First of all, it is necessary to take part of the hair which are at the forehead if you have bang, then begin to spin from edge of bang. Divide the taken lock into three equal parts and begin to braid usual braid, gradually interweaving into it additional locks. To remember the main thing that when performing of the given hairstyle the additional locks are added only in the area adjacent to the person while on the other hand the ordinary spit fixed around the head only at the expense of prilitsevy locks is formed. In such equipment it is necessary to braid peculiar rim.
  3. When you interweave all volume of that part of hair which frames your face into rim, it is necessary to let the others hair down. After that it is necessary to continue to braid braid. For this purpose it is necessary to separate small lock, having divided it into two equal parts, as the third part of the spit it is necessary to use the hair which have remained after weaving of rim. Do not forget that from this point you have to take additional locks not from the person, and from neck, in general the technique of weaving is identical to initial.
  4. After hair for addition of additional locks have ended, dopletit braid by standard method and fix on the tip. By means of hairpin or hairpin attach it to the head approximately in that place from where weaving began. The braid is around ready, record the turned-out hairstyle varnish. After a while, having got the hand, on hairstyle - the braid around - to you is required no more, than five-ten minutes. Besides, with such hairstyle very conveniently, all hair are lifted, tidied up and interferes nothing with you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team