How to spin braids

How to spin braids

Braids add to any image elegance. And even the most ordinary hairstyle can be made intricate. Braids are the most elementary tool for creation of original hairstyle, and in several minutes you will have attractive look.


  1. Braid from four locks: divide all hair into four parts. Then take two average locks of hair and bind them crosswise so that the second lock was from below, and the third from above. The extreme lock which is at the left needs to be interwoven always from above, and that that it is right – from below. Thus, you receive remarkable and very interesting braid.
  2. Braid from five locks: we divide all hair into five parts. Figuratively number them, beginning on the right. Then we put the first lock on the second, third on the first, fourth under the first, fifth on the first. So there passes the first stage of weaving. Further the second on the third, fourth on the second, fifth under the second, first on the second. So, alternating two above-mentioned stages, you will achieve goal.
  3. The braid changing the direction in the best way will be suitable for solemn occasions. It is very simple to do such hair: on the right side, at temple to take lock of hair and to spin usual braid, with each new weaving dragging in new locks on the left side. Such weaving of braid continues to the left ear, then the direction changes, and locks are interwoven on the right side.
  4. Braid from two pleteniye: divide all hair into parting in the middle from forehead through the top of the head. From two parties spin braids from three locks, then connect braids among themselves hairpins. Such hairstyle can be decorated with flowers, or silvery rhinestones.
  5. It is important to note that braids are available not only to long-haired beauties, but also fashionistas with short hairstyles. To create such hairstyle it is possible to use false tail or braid. For obtaining desired result comb all hair on nape and attach false tail or braid, I use invisible beings. With the formed beaten-out locks it is possible to cope with the help of gel or mousse. If you used switch, then twirl it on spiral on nape, having fixed by hairpins, when using tail it is originally necessary to choose weaving, and then to fix hairstyle. The braid is remarkable hairstyle which will look both in workplace and at luxury restaurant. Be not afraid to experiment. Remember, all in your hands!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team