How to spin braids on hair

How to spin braids on hair

Whatever trends prevailed in modern fashion, various braids and wattled hairstyles, since ancient times to this day, were and remain favourite ukrasheny each woman having long hair. Braids do hair more gracefully and are more womanly and also their wide variety allows to create various hairstyles by means of braids – both daily and strict, and difficult evening. How it is correct to braid simple braids, you learn from our article.


  1. The easiest and widespread way of weaving is braid from three locks. Accurately comb hair, comb them back and divide them into three identical locks. Place the third lock in the center, having carried out over the second lock to the left, and then between the third and second lock place the first lock, having carried out it to the right.
  2. Continue to bind locks on the described scheme until the braid reaches the necessary length. Leave small tail and tie it elastic band or hairpin.
  3. More difficult braid will turn out when weaving in four locks. For this purpose divide nape hair into four parts. Put the first lock on the second, third lock – on the first, and the fourth – under the first. Then place the second lock on the third, fourth – on the second, and the first – under the second. Then place the third lock on the fourth, first on the third, and the second under third. Do plait according to this scheme up to the end.
  4. Also you can try to weave braid out of five locks – the scheme of weaving will be same as in the way of weaving described above from four locks, but hair need to be divided into five parts. Weaving begins with the fifth lock – extreme on the right.
  5. To weave difficult braid out of six locks, divide nape hair into six parts and do plait in several stages.
  6. Put the first lock on the second, then first lock put under third, and again put the first on the fourth. Then continue to bind the first lock, having placed it under the fifth lock, and then place the sixth lock under the first.
  7. At the second stage of weaving begin to bind the second lock – place it at first on the third lock, then under the fourth, then on the fifth, then under the sixth, and finish with the first lock placed under the second. At the third stage repeat the same with the third lock, and finish with the room of the second lock under third.
  8. Effectively and elegantly the braid Cone looks. To weave it, allocate the small site of hair between cinciput and nape, and braid braid, and then comb locks on the right and their podpletita to cone. Then you podpletit the left lock. Connect two side braids to the central braid and you dopletit up to the end. Bind small locks on the right and at the left in grid.
  9. It is possible to create volume braid from fine and thinning hair, using artificial hair of your shade. For this purpose comb hair and begin to do plait then from the second row of weaving begin to interweave artificial locks, adding them on one.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team