How to spin braids to itself

How to spin braids to itself

Wattled hairstyles from braids and braids decorated female hair for a long time. To many such hairstyles it is already a lot of hundreds of years, but they are relevant still and are used by many women wishing to look stylish and womanly. Independently it is difficult to do himself such hair, but if regularly to train, it is possible to achieve good results.


  1. It is worth beginning with simple schemes. When hands gradually get used to unusual situation, it is possible to pass to more difficult options. If you are not sure of beauty of the works, at first you should not be shown with self-made hairstyle in public. Be trained, experiment, be convinced that braids look tidily, and after that it is possible to go outside.
  2. Before starting weaving of braids it is necessary to prepare all necessary. Find and put in one place of hairbrush (brushes and crests), elastic bands, hairpins, hairpins, sprays and hairsprays. Also you need big mirror, and the friend opposite to the friend that you could see is better two as the braid looks.
  3. The simplest option of weaving – classical braid. That it has turned out equal, it is necessary to comb carefully hair, and then to accurately divide locks on nape into three parts. To cross the left lock with average, having got it from above. Then right to cross from left. Average will go to right and so on. You should not pull together too strongly locks when weaving. Having weaved up to the end braid, it is necessary to fix it below by elastic band.
  4. Not less simple option of classical weaving – 2 tails from braids. It is necessary to comb well hair brush, then comb to make equal hair parting and to stick on high tail on each side. Further from the proplesta basis on braid, having fixed below by elastics.
  5. The classical braid can be turned into option of the Swiss. That the beautiful, strict braid or tails from braids has turned out, in the course of weaving the curls need to be twisted in plaits.
  6. "Cone". This option is more difficult, but it looks very effectively. To achieve fine weaving, it is necessary to sweat and hold not one training. But it is worth it. The hair needs to be combed back, to take each hand on lock and to cross them. Later it is necessary to take small curl on the right, from the edge and to transfer it to the middle, having crossed from one of locks which is most closer. Then to take curl from the opposite side and to interweave in the same way into the spit. In such a way it is necessary to spin cone till the end. It is worth choosing thin locks, trying it is good to tighten in the course of weaving. To fix below by elastic band or hairpin.
  7. "Plait". It is possible to braid it pretty fast, but it is necessary to be trained a little. It is necessary to comb well hair and to tie very hard tail on the top. After to divide it into identical 2 parts and to twist them in dense plait in the same direction. Further to bind the twisted locks among themselves so that the turbinal design has turned out. To fix on the end by elastic band or hairpin.
  8. "French braid". If the girl has learned to spin standard braid, long it should not potter with the French weaving. It is necessary to comb well hair back. Then on the top to weave rather short classical braid out of thin locks. Further, having taken a few hair on the left side (only not with edge, and from the top), it is necessary to add them to the left curl. On the right side it is necessary to make the same. So it is worth doing plait up to the end. It is necessary to pay attention that the French braid adjoins to the head. What weaving will be more dense, the braid will become that touch. If to make weaving is weaker, it is possible to create effect of volume hairstyle that is very popular with modern youth.
  9. Rim from hair as the French braid. In this case it is worth beginning weaving with two parties. Locks at forehead and on temples undertake. Gradually taking curls it is necessary to reach nape. To make the same weaving from the opposite side and to connect further to one spit or to fix hair by elastic band, without braiding to bottom.
  10. "African braids". On this type of hairstyle a lot of time not less patience is required. That qualitative braids of the African type have turned out, it is necessary to comb curls, to make hair parting exactly in the middle. Further to choose locks, very small on volume, dividing them into 3 parts and to spin classical braids. It is worth beginning along hair parting with each party, moving gradually to edges. It is necessary to watch that curls were approximately identical and were distributed evenly. Having weaved dozens of braids, it is possible to create any hairstyles from them, pinning up or collecting in tails.
  11. It is possible to mix different braids. For a start it is necessary to comb the most part of hair on one party. Later it is necessary to braid on one of the parties the French braid, but not till the end. It is necessary to draw tail elastic band approximately at the level of ear. Hair on the opposite side need to be halved, raised as it is possible above, to twist plait in one party and to bind. To fix at foundation of the French spit by hairpins or invisible beings. If hair very long, both braids can be connected at the level of nape and to fix by hairpin.
  12. "Tail of fish". Such braid has received the name, thanks to the similarity to fish tail. It is necessary to comb hair and to divide them into 2 equal parts. Further it is necessary to take very few hair on the one hand and to throw them on opposite, and from there to throw the same lock in other party. It is worth paying attention to that curls were the identical size and as it is possible more thinly. Dopletya braid up to the end, it is necessary to fix all by elastic band below. It is better to dishevel such hairstyle a little that did not look very strictly and to record varnish.
  13. Combination of simple braid from the French. It is necessary to comb hair, having transferred their most part to one of the parties. Where it is more hair, to take small curl from the person and to divide it into 3 parts. Further it is worth beginning weaving of the French braid, adding to the main locks curls from upper part of the head. Having reached in weaving ear level, it is necessary to braid classical braid and to fix it on the end by elastic band. Very beautiful option if to dishevel braid on all its length a little. It is possible to do it unevenly - so the hairstyle will become more magnificent, and weaving by more openwork.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team