How to spin flagellums from hair

How to spin flagellums from hair

Hair dressing, creation of interesting hairstyles is one of ways to emphasize female beauty. What only ways and elements of laying exists presently! In arsenal of hairdressers hundreds of receptions which help to recover quickly hairstyle, to add highlight. Interesting element are flagellums.


  1. Flagellums can be used as independent hairstyle and as decorative element for other hairstyles. Decorate with them festive and wedding laying. From flagellums do plaits. Therefore, having seized this simple method, you learn to create magnificent hairstyles in house conditions.
  2. To do independent hair, length of hair has to be not less average. Especially beautifully such laying on long locks looks. Comb hair back, smooth them that the hair parting was not visible. The curling curls should be straightened slightly. The main thing – that hair were not fluffy.
  3. Now allocate thin lock from hair and brush it forward, in opposite direction from growth. Begin to twist hair to the left, moving to nape, at the same time smoothing them that separate filaments did not stick out in the parties.
  4. Near the top twist hair especially hardly and collect in similarity of rosette or twist in the roller, and then fix by short hairpins or invisible beings. For creation of festive image it is better to take the hairpins decorated by stones, rhinestones, beads.
  5. Interestingly flagellums with application of strings of "embroidery floss" look. For this purpose the lock of hair is previously hardly wound with threads, and then already start weaving of flagellum. It is possible to take strings of different colors for different locks, to add it to image of paints and very much will recover it. Such hairstyles are good for country style and youth style and also for end of summer image.
  6. Very elegantly the following hairstyle from flagellums looks. Long hair gather behind and are divided into two locks. Then the left lock is twisted to the right, and the right lock along with it – to the left. It is possible to twirl hair on all length and to fasten on the end with clip, and it is possible to twirl to half, to fasten with decorative elastic band or hairpin, and the remained hair to brush in accurate tail. Such laying will relevant look also in business situation.
  7. For holiday or youth party it is possible to do also such hair, besides, for long hair. Hair smoothly brush the hair and gather behind in high hard tail.
  8. Then you allocate thin lock and hardly twist it in flagellum, and then fix. So gradually you have to weave all hair out of tail into flagellums, and then fix them all together so that the ends have appeared from below, under hair. At you the fine rosette will turn out.
  9. It is possible to decorate it with rhinestones. That the hairstyle kept longer, sprinkle it varnish for strong fixing. Effectively varnish with golden or silvery spangles looks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team