How to spin hairstyle dragon

How to spin hairstyle dragon

Already several seasons of in a row braid continue to be indisputable trend among set of various female hairstyles. Usual braids, of course, you will see nobody any more. But the skill on their weaving every day is improved. But such artful designs as the French braid, hairstyle dragon and many others, cannot remain unaddressed. It is quite simple to master technology of weaving of hairstyle of dragon if you are already able to do usual cone.


  1. Division. Divide hair into three parts down. Carry out hair parting along the line of eyebrows to nape on each side. At you have to also one will turn out two equal, of same width (side) (central) parts. Fix the central part by elastic band that it did not disturb you yet.
  2. Weaving. From side parts braid two braids on one on each of parts, since temples and on all length of hair, and fix them by small elastic bands. Now let collected hair down the central part and distribute them on three equal parts, and it is again better to fasten the central part with elastic band that it did not prevent to braid side. Make in the same style two more braids of side and fix them by small elastics. From central braid the same braid and likewise fix. As a result, on the head of you of all five braids have to turn out.
  3. Fixing. It is the best of all to record such hairstyle some means, for example, hairspray. Spray it at distance of 20 cm from the head. So the hairstyle dragon will longer remain, and locks will not untwine and be beaten out from braids during the day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team