How to spin hairstyle ""falls""

How to spin hairstyle ""falls""

Weaving of braids relevant more than ever. The hairstyle "falls" which basis is the French braid is universal, suits little girls and young women and also will help to create interesting image for every day and for special case.

It is required to you

  • - flat hairbrush;
  • - hairspray;
  • - scrunchy or hairpin.


  1. Comb hair. For creation of hairstyle "falls" they have to be clean and it is easy to be divided into locks therefore if necessary use the conditioner. Flat hairbrush make hair parting – straight line or sideways. Especially effectively "falls" on long hair look, but also the caret to shoulders can be decorated by means of this technology of weaving. The elegant hairstyle will also help to pacify rebellious curls. Most often the braid "falls" is made out sideways or from two parties from the middle of forehead so that locks meet behind.
  2. Allocate small part of hair near hair parting, divide into three equal locks. Further the principle of weaving from right to left will be described. If desired it is easy to transform it to the return. Throw the right lock of hair over average, then left place between them. The first stage of creation of hairstyle "falls" completely matches technology of weaving of the French braid on part of hair on the top.
  3. Release the right lock so that it freely fell, holding at the same time two others. Instead of it involve by means of forefinger the hair beginning growth are slightly lower than weaving. Throw this curl in the center. Add hair to the left lock from above, enter them into work as at registration of simple French braid.
  4. Continue work the same way, releasing the right locks and connecting instead of them hair at the place of weaving. That curls will be different width there is nothing terrible – after completion of work it will be visible how hair from the top, passing through intricate twisting, fall down down. For this reason the hairstyle has received such romantic name - falls.
  5. When all hair of necessary area of the head are involved in hairstyle, braid them to the ordinary spit and fix by elastic band. It is also possible to record them hairpin on darkness in the place of inclusion of the last locks. For reliability use hairspray.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team