How to spin plait on hair

How to spin plait on hair

Thinking of what to you to make with the long hair, remember plaits. It is very successful replacement to daily braids. From set of flagellums it is possible to do dozens of different hair. Simple performed by plaits look very elegantly. Weaving of plaits on hair is suitable, as a rule, for young fashionistas. But at right choice of one of options, it can decorate the heads and more mature women.

It is required to you

  • - elastic bands
  • - hairpins
  • - hairpins


  1. To begin to spin plait on hair, it is necessary to take only two locks of hair, and the hairstyle will be more air, unlike hairstyle with application of usual braids.
  2. When you do plaits, can twist locks in any party – clockwise or counterclockwise (everyone separately). After that gather flagellums, overwinding them among themselves. As a result one plait which very much reminds rope rope turns out.
  3. Plaits, as well as for any other hairstyle, require basis. In your case it is usual horse tail. Only after that divide hair into two locks. Begin to twist each of them counterclockwise so many time how many you will consider necessary. At the same time hold the ends of plaits with two fingers that they have not untwined. Always twist locks in one party. From it the hairstyle will look more harmoniously. After that overwind both locks among themselves, and record the ends hairpin, and it is even better elastic band.
  4. It is possible to spin plaits on hair also with application of artificial chignon plait. For this purpose make usual low tail (about 2-3 cm higher than neck). For fixing use elastic band. A bit more to the right of tail arrange chignon plait. Attach chignon hairpin, previously having extended its edge through elastic band which you have tied up tail.
  5. Further divide hair into two parts. Take one of locks and twirl in usual plait. Then wind with this plait elastic band and attach hairpin. Make also with the second lock. Only wind with it elastic band in opposite direction. Fix everything on hairpins. As a result your chignon plait will twist beautiful texture of the flagellums having bunch appearance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team