How to spin small braids

How to spin small braids

Small African braids now not only are very fashionable, but also are extraordinary practical. It is not necessary to look after them somehow in a special way, hair do not need to be washed often. Besides Afro-braids reliably protect hair from external influences. Of course, to spin such mikrokosa long, however you as a result receive the original image allocating you from gray weight and attracting the interested views to your person.


  1. It is possible to interweave artificial hair, acrylic or cotton threads into African braids. The minimum length of hair with which you can already do Afro-braids, interweaving into them threads – from 4 to 5 cm. In case you want to make such braids independently, use for this purpose the hair.
  2. Carefully comb hair before beginning to spin. On the eve of it it is better not to wash the head because clean hair will be scattered kind of at you in hands. Then nice and accurate braids will not turn out any more.
  3. Divide hair accurate movements into small curls equal among themselves. Fix each of them by clip or hairpin.
  4. If you spin small braids for the first time, much they do not need to be done. Without experience you will hardly manage to braid from the first braids so that all of them were equally beautiful and accurate. Besides, at you hands – for want of habit can just be tired.
  5. Start weaving of each curl in braid, choosing any way, convenient for you. It is possible to advise murmaid tail or the French cone. Spin braids from below, separate locks at neck; upper at the same time have to be collected in tail.
  6. Continue weaving up to the end, processing tips special glue. Also you can interweave decorative beads or ribbons into braids.
  7. If have decided to add natural or artificial hair to the hairstyle, enclose under each lock small knot with artificial hair then spin braid already together with them.
  8. When finish the lower row, it is possible to pass above. Each following row has to be about 2 cm higher than previous. Accurately observe distance between ranks and curls that the hairstyle looked accurately. At once fix tips of braids by ribbon, bead, special glue or wax.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team