How to spin the French braids

How to spin the French braids

The elegant French braid perfectly will approach also business suit, and evening dress, and light sundress. Women of any age are able to afford such hairstyle. The main thing that length of hair was more than 12-15 cm.

It is required to you

  • — hairbrush;
  • — scrunchies;
  • — hairpins, hairpins;
  • — hairspray;
  • — 2 satin ribbons.


  1. The first you variantsoberit hair on the top and from front part of the head divide them into three curls. Leave side and back locks. Begin to do usual plait — put the right lock on average, and then the same way throw left average.
  2. Take all three curls the left hand. You hold them between fingers that they have been separated from each other. When you begin to weave the second time lock on the right side, the right hand take together with it lock of hair from unallotted side part of the head. Then take away average lock to the right.
  3. Shift braid in the right hand. Interweave additional lock together with left. Now delay average curl to the left. Continue weaving of the French braid, taking every time new locks from the right and left side. During weaving that the braid has turned out hard, press hands as it is possible closer to the head. Fix braid by scrunchy. If necessary sprinkle varnish.
  4. To the second variantzapletita volume French braid. Such braid is carried out to similarly previous option, only weaving of locks is conducted not to itself, and from itself. The braid turns out turned out outside.
  5. The third you variantvpletit for solemn occasions to the French spit satin ribbon. Make hair parting in front on diagonal. Since the right or left side, conduct comb to the middle of the top at an angle in 45 degrees, and then finish with parting in the middle on the middle of nape. Braid from each party from hair parting the French braid with satin ribbon.
  6. Put tape in half. Having receded 10 cm, enclose the ends of tape under right and left spin. Miss tape under each added lock. From neck do usual plait and fix it by elastic band. Braid in the same way hair and tape on the other hand from hair parting. Cross braids at neck, spraining them to the center, and pin up. Tie the ends of tapes bow.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team