How to spin the French braids

How to spin the French braids

Cone or as it is called still, the French braid and fish tail - remarkable option in case you have no time to wash the head or to think out hairstyle. Having read the detailed instruction, you learn to spin such braid.


  1. From the first at you for certain it will not turn out as in everything experience is necessary, but over time, having tried several times, you quickly also will accurately spin to yourself these braids. The French braids look better on fine hair as all charm of such braids is in that hair adjoined to the head and were not excreted strongly with the volume, but there are several secrets which will teach you to do your fine hair by more magnificent in the French spit.
  2. If hair very thin before beginning to braid braids, make pile at roots of hair - it will give volume. After you have combed hair, iron them massage hairbrush that they did not look shaggy.
  3. Let's pass, directly, to the weaving: It is necessary to begin weaving always I will curtail (from the top). Divide hair on the top into 3 equal parts. If you want braid more thickly, take more hair from the top.
  4. Further weave these 3 parts into the ordinary spit. As usual: Bind the right lock with average, then left.
  5. After you 1 time proplet locks, begin to take hair from below. Take small lock thumb of hand and draw it to that part of hair with which the parties have taken hair. At this time hold with free hand foundation of the spit.
  6. Begin to bind lock which at you has turned out, with average lock of basis.
  7. Repeat the same actions, as in the previous point, only on the other side of the head.
  8. Gradually bind big locks with basis. Do so until the end of hair.
  9. Here you also doplet up to the end, now can choose - to tie hair and to leave tail, or doplest the ordinary spit.
  10. Fix braid by elastic band. It is also possible to attach ornament on the spit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team