How to spin the Greek braid

How to spin the Greek braid

The Greek braid represents very simple and stylish hairstyle which becomes the most popular recently. Process of weaving of the Greek braid is very similar to process of weaving of the French braid, only the plait is done around the head. This hairstyle has not without reason received the name of the Greek braid, she the appearance reminds the Greek laurel wreath. At the same time, it is possible to braid the Greek braid almost on any hair.

It is required to you

  • - hairbrush
  • - styling spray
  • - hairpins or invisible beings for hair


  1. Before beginning to braid the Greek braid, wash up very well hair. After that, apply on them any means for laying and dry hair a little.
  2. Comb hair and allocate lock of hair over the left ear, now you can start the weaving of braid. The Greek braid trudges just as also the most usual cone. Before braid zapletaniye if you possess fine hair, make small pile to roots of hair, for giving of certain volume to them. It is not compulsory procedure. After pile, once again slightly brush hair with massage brush that hair in braid did not look shaggy. Begin weaving with upper part - divide hair into three small locks. If you want to make braid more, take away locks of bigger thickness or on the contrary. Spin these 3 locks as usual braid. Simple technology: bind the right lock with average, then bind the left lock also with average.
  3. Further begin to take new locks of hair. Thumb of the right hand take from below small lock, attract this lock to the right main (very first) lock. At this time hold the basis consisting of the left and average locks, the left hand. Bind the turned-out big right lock of hair with average lock of basis.
  4. Now repeat most too with locks which are on the right side. The left thumb take small lock and attach it to the left lock from basis. Bind the turned-out big left lock with average. Repeat the procedure of weaving before while the braid does not reach ear level.
  5. Assign braid by hairpin or hairpins to the right ear. At the same time, you have to have hidden under flowing hair Greek braid.
  6. Weaving of the Greek braid can always be altered slightly, for example, to braid from the center of the head two braids, having hidden tips under hair or to fix the ends of braids over flowing hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team