How to spin unusual braids

How to spin unusual braids

The braid – hairstyle though simple, but has so many versions that on any case of life it is possible to pick up the suitable option. And having decorated braids with accessories, it is possible to do the real festive hair from the ordinary spit.


  1. Braids from plaits. Divide hair into three parts. Twirl each lock in hard plait. Hold all three plaits with fingers that during weaving they were not untwisted. Weave braid out of plaits and fix it by hard elastic band or hairpin.
  2. Braid from four locks. Carefully comb clean slightly moist hair and comb on nape. Divide them into four equal locks. Everyone assign to lock conditional number, at the same time the extreme right lock let will be the first. Take the first lock and put on the second. The third lock arrange over the first and second. Then take the fourth lock and miss under the first. In the same sequence weave braid of desirable length.
  3. Fish tail. Carefully comb hair and comb them back. Take on thin lock of hair from left and from the right temple, cross them on nape. Holding the place of skreshcheniye with fingers, take one more lock on the left side and put it from above. Then take lock on the right side, arrange from above. So continue to spin up to the end. Such braid can be decorated with artificial flower or special rhinestones for hair.
  4. Braid from five locks. Comb dry hair and comb back. Divide them into five identical locks. As well as in the second step, assign to locks conditional numbers. Take the first lock and put on the second. Then take third and put on the first. Put the fifth lock on the fourth, and carry out the first over heel. Tighten and continue to spin, trying to keep the same algorithm.
  5. The turned French braid. Comb all hair back and divide into three locks. Carry out extreme right lock under central, then left carry out under central to the right. Take part of free hair together with the right lock and again cross from central. Then make the same with the left lock. The main difference of this French braid from usual – extreme lock is always carried out under central, but not over it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team