How to spread gel on nails

How to spread gel on nails

Each woman would like to have well-groomed, beautiful hands and strong nails. But not always the appearance of nails corresponds to her desires and ideals. But you should not despair as there is exit – nail extension which with guarantee will give them well-groomed look and will add highlight to image. How to spread gel on nails to achieve such result?

It is required to you

  • - bonder-gel, the gel polish ultrafixing gel;
  • - brush;
  • - foam sponge;
  • - plastic pusher for cuticles.


1. Apply thin film of bonder-gel serially on the surface of each nail by means of brush. Wait until the surface of nails gets opaque shade. If it has not occurred, so gel is applied in too large number. Remove its surplus with dry foam sponge.

2. For 1 minute place hand in the UF-lamp for gel polymerization. While nails of one hand dry up under UV rays, apply gel on nails of other hand. After gel polymerization do not remove sticky dispersive layer. Over this layer spread the transparent strengthening gel on nails and polymerize 30 seconds in the UF-lamp. It will be basis for gel-varnish overlaying.

3. By means of brush cause small amount of gel polish over sticky dispersive gel layer. Very accurately spread gel polish in zone of cuticle and block face zone of nail. Remove excess of gel from near-nail skin or cuticle by means of plastic pusher. For gel-varnish polymerization serially for 3 minutes place hands in the UF-lamp.

4. During the work with gel-it is delicious observe such operating procedure: • apply gel polish on little finger of the right hand; • place little finger for 5 seconds in the UF-lamp, and meanwhile apply gel polish on little finger of the left hand then trade hands places; • alternate the sequence of overlaying and polymerization of gel on nails of both hands, so prevent flowing of gel on cuticle and near-nail skin.

5. In end apply with thin layer the ultrafixing gel on the surface of each nail. Impose gel so that the free edge of nail had minimum thickness of its layer and at cuticle. Make serial closing of each nail the ultrafixing gel, distributing it on each side and to free edge of nail. In the future this layer will protect nail from chips and flaking. Remove surplus of gel with plastic pusher.

6. Put hand in the UF-device for one minute for hardening of the ultrafixing transparent gel. Remove dispersive layer with sponge the impregnated medicine "Klianser Place", use one sponge on 2-3 nails. In time not replaced sponge will lead to tarnishing of gel layer.

7. Carefully wash up and wipe hands. Massage movements rub nail oil in near-nail skin and cuticle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team