How to spread nail

How to spread nail

Today even owners of inconspicuous nails can receive stunning manicure, having made nail extension acrylic. Acrylic building is used everywhere, thanks to the simplicity, universality and ample opportunities. By means of acrylic you will be able to achieve any shape and length of the nails, to issue them in any color and to decorate with patterns. About how it is correct to spread artificial nail by means of acrylic, we will tell in this article.


1. Before imposing acrylic, the nail needs to be prepared – disinfect it and put on uniform for building. Begin to spread nail tip, having taken one-two balls of acrylic. Put ball below the line of smile, using brush, and slightly trample down it.

2. Knead ball in both parties, without affecting its center until you receive acrylic strip, width exceeding usual nail, and slightly reinforced in the middle. Shift strip of material to the center, having combined its edges with edges of nail, and smooth its surface.

3. Take the second ball and create smile bend and also finish thickness of the central fragment of nail. Smooth tip and modify nail height. Finish nail corners, having made them accurate and equal.

4. If everything is made correctly, then on sides the acrylic balls have to be distributed so thinly that their edges pass into the surface of natural nail. In the center, acrylic has to be thicker.

5. You pass to the following zones – continue to form the line of smile of nail which needs to be made most accurately and exactly. Use for forming of the line of smile oval brush with sharp tip and prepare the necessary consistence of acrylic – it should not be too dry, as well as too liquid.

6. The brush should not be too small – it will not keep enough liquid and will not create the necessary pressure. Liquid in glass with monomer has to be so much that it impregnated only brush tip.

7. The line of smile has to be accurate and symmetric. From that, how accurately you will create it, the further appearance of nail depends.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team