How to stack bean caret

How to stack bean caret

In spite of the fact that the fashion for hairstyles changes every year, some styles of hairstyles keep the relevance decades. One of such hairstyles – caret or bean. Thanks to elegance and convenience, this hairstyle, women of various age and professions give preference. In spite of the fact that the bean means short hair, it is possible to stack it variously and beautifully.


  1. For creation of simple and stylish daily hairstyle you will need varnish or mousse for laying, the hair dryer and round brush. Wash up hair and dry up them, and in the course of drying phenom wrap tips hair by means of round brush inside, drying in such situation.
  2. If you have bang, allocate it with hairbrush and also tighten up tips inside. Record bang varnish, and comb the remained hair back and too sprinkle varnish.
  3. Originally laying of caret with small pile looks – for performance of such laying divide hair direct horizontal hair parting from ear to ear, and then separate front locks of hair from back. Make small pile on back part of hair and twist hair in the roller. Make the same with front locks. Record hairstyle varnish, and behind strengthen hairstyle beautiful hairpin.
  4. The long bang will well look with the hairstyle of caret divided by direct vertical hair parting. Dry hair and stir up them fingers on which small amount of the fixing gel is caused to create effect of moist hair.
  5. If you want to create elegant evening hairstyle, wind hair on large hair curlers and dry up them, and then comb fingers curls and having given them the necessary form, sprinkle varnish. Not only curls, but also the hair straightened by the iron will effectively look.
  6. Having combed hair on forehead and having distributed equal bang, straighten hair the iron to receive smooth and beautiful hairstyle both for the working atmosphere, and for disco.
  7. Besides, you can comb the washed-up hair sideways and dry up them in such situation, and then stir up hairstyle and sprinkle it varnish – so you receive the natural laying suitable for any event.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team