How to stack caret

How to stack caret

Despite new fashion trends, the caret hairstyle (or bean) remains popular for all times. And to that there are explainable reasons: the caret does not demand too careful leaving, approaches any type of hair, and on its basis it is possible to make several options of daily and festive laying.

It is required to you

  • - hair dryer;
  • - skin for laying;
  • - mousse;
  • - round brush;
  • - hairbrush with small cloves;
  • - hairspray;
  • - hair curlers.


  1. Caret back. Apply skin on wet hair and evenly distribute it from roots to tips of hair. Using round brush, dry up each lock phenom, combing it back. Record ready laying by means of hairspray.
  2. Caret with parting at the side. Apply hair mousse on hair, and then dry up hair phenom. By means of hairbrush with thin cloves make parting at the side. Accurately divide hair on this hair parting. Comb the most part of hair for ear, having left other locks freely to fall. That the hairstyle long kept, use varnish for its fixing.
  3. Laying of caret by means of hair curlers. Apply mousse on slightly moist hair. Wind on hair on large hair curlers and dry by means of the hair dryer. After hair have dried, wait about 20 minutes, thus you will allow hairstyle to get stronger. After that accurately remove hair curlers and comb hair fingers, since roots. In this case the hairstyle will longer keep. Surely fix curls by means of varnish.
  4. Express laying. Apply a little skin on moist hair and shake up hair from the roots. Incline the head down and dry up the head phenom, continuing to shake up locks of hair fingers. Do not forget to record hair varnish.
  5. Volume laying. If you have by nature fine hair, such laying will add to them volume and will visually make hair more dense. Roll up the washed hair terry towel and leave for several minutes. Put volume skin and distribute it on all length. Comb hair on one party and begin to dry phenom. Serially shift the dried-up lock to the opposite side. Further incline the head down and stir up hair then sharply raise it. Hair will lay down in easy, but magnificent hairstyle. If desired give to hair additional volume by means of round brush.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team