How to stack cascade hairstyle

How to stack cascade hairstyle

In the sixties the last century the little-known London hairdresser Vidal Sassun has invented cascade style of performance of hairstyle and laying on short hair and hair of average length. And since then the cascade hairstyle does not descend from podiums, pages of fashionable magazines and TV screens.

It is required to you

  • - hair dryer;
  • - hairbrush brushing of average diameter;
  • - hair dryer with round nozzle hairbrush;
  • - wax for hair;
  • - skin for laying.


  1. The cascade hairstyle is carried out as on short and average length hair, and on rather long. Hairstyle secret – multiple layers which provide the fine volume and well-groomed appearance. At the same time by means of laying the cascade on hair can be turned into womanly, naughty or shkodny, unusual or carelessly charming hairstyle.
  2. Classical laying of cascade hairstyle assumes use of the hair dryer and hairbrush brushing of average diameter. To lay cascade hairstyle accurate locks from the ends which are tightened up down, it is necessary to direct hair dryer stream to the lock delayed by brushing from top to down, smoothing lock. To fulfill tip of lock the tightening-up movements of hairbrush then few times to repeat podkruchivaniye already without hair dryer. Thus it is necessary to process each lock, paying special attention to side zones.
  3. Simpler option in house execution – use of the hair dryer with round nozzle hairbrush. Such hair dryer allows to carry out one hand at the same time both forming of accurate lock, and podkruchivaniye of the ends. Upon termination of laying the ends of locks can be processed wax for preservation of accurate form.
  4. The cascade hairstyle can give soft, slightly uncombed, carelessly charming contours, styling hair on skin. At the same time the ends of hair can be not sprained, delaying them and straightening or to sprain slightly outside. Thus, laying is carried out from below up, layer-by-layer - at first the lower locks, then locks of the central part, the top and only after that side zones. Upon termination of laying by the hands which are slightly processed by wax it is necessary to give the form to hairstyle in parietal zone, having raised fingers roots of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team