How to stack chemistry

How to stack chemistry

The chemical wave is just rescue for those women who has by nature fine or rare hair. And if they are also inclined to fat content, the chemical wave is just ideal exit. After it the hairstyle becomes more magnificent, because of curls the density of hair increases, their fat content decreases. Besides, laying at chemical wave does not demand special efforts.


  1. How it is correct to stack chemistry that hair did not look how bast, and the hairstyle looked as you want? Right after you have made chemical wave, hair it is impossible to dry phenom, to collect in tail, to wind on hair curlers, to unscrew wet, to go to bed with damp. To fix curls, for two days after chemical wave the hair need to be dried only in the natural way, it is possible to comb them only crest or hairbrush with large rare teeth, without extending. Action of chemical reactant for wave continues within two days therefore deformation of wet hair can lead to the fact that curls will be spoiled.
  2. It is possible to receive good hairstyle with chemical wave on hair the easiest way. Having washed up the head, to dry hair towel, to comb them rare hairbrush, then to apply hair balm. After that hair should be drawn in slightly hands to create curls, and to allow them to dry in the natural way.
  3. If you like effect of wet hair, in the presence of chemical wave with it there will be no problems. After washing of the head the hair are blotted with towel, drawing in curls, and apply on them gel or skin for creation of wet effect. And well moisten with means locks. After that hands draw in curls again and allow hair to dry without hair dryer. The usual skin or styling mousse also is suitable for this purpose, only it needs to be taken a little more, than for simple fixing of hairstyle.
  4. When you want to receive magnificent wavy curls, it is necessary to stack chemistry with use of the means fixing curls. They are applied on moist hair after washing then allow locks to dry.
  5. If necessary quickly to dry up hair with use of the hair dryer at chemical wave it is necessary to use the diffuser that air flow did not inflate and did not straighten wavy curls.
  6. The chemical wave helps to prolong considerably the term of the curls wound on hair curlers therefore if desired to receive large curls apply means for their fixing on moist hair and wind hair on hair curlers of the necessary size. If there is no haste, it is possible to allow hairstyle to dry in the natural way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team