How to stack hairstyle bean

How to stack hairstyle bean

The popularity of hairstyle bean for already several decades is connected as with its universality and large number of options of execution, depending on face type and structure of hair, but also and from possibility of creation on its base of large number of daily and festive hairstyles. It is for this purpose important to know some basic principles of laying of this popular hairstyle.

It is required to you

  • The hair dryer, round hairbrush, hair curlers, styling foam or other modeling means, clips for hair fixing means.


  1. Wash up hair. If situation such is that time for this purpose does not suffice, then the hairstyle bean allows specific wet option of hair dressing in hairstyle by means of gel with effect of wet hair. For this purpose frequent hairbrush smoothly comb hair with hair parting or without it back. If length of hair allows, then the ends on nape can be turned outside by means of round brush and the hair dryer.
  2. Dry up towel the washed-up hair. If there is need for laying of already dry-through hair, then it is desirable to wet slightly them from the spray. As the hairstyle bean anyway means volume occipital part, for laying use the foam or mousse creating volume. Apply small amount of laying means on palm of hand and evenly distribute it on hair, paying special attention to radical zone.
  3. Decide on way of laying which is pleasant to you more. Hair dressing phenom will take less time, by means of hair curlers it is possible to achieve more resistant hairstyle. For work with the hair dryer it is the best of all to use big round hairbrush – brushing or hairbrush skeleton created especially for creation of radical volume. Laying of locks can be carried out in any order – from the top to nape or on the contrary.
  4. Professionals usually dry hair, since the lower locks. For this purpose fix the bulk of hair on the top by clip, having separated lock about 2-3 cm wide through growth of hair on nape. The lock is wound on round brush or rises hairbrush skeleton so that the direction of its procrastination was perpendicular to head skin – bigger volume will so be created. Depending on type of the chosen hairstyle, form the direction of twisting of locks – inside or outside by tips.
  5. Dry in this way consistently all locks, moving towards hair parting or if it is so more convenient to you, in the direction from hair parting to the lower locks. After final drying you have received volume bean. If in occipital zone after that to make pile of several locks at root, then it will even more increase and will record the received volume.
  6. If as way of laying you have chosen hair curlers, then wind hair in the same order and wait for full drying of hair on hair curlers. Remove hair curlers. If your purpose – volume bean, comb curls. If as hairstyle you like to see elastic curls, then having carefully removed hair curlers, sort curls fingers, slightly stirring up them.
  7. Finish laying by allocation of several locks at the person, fixing of the bent tips or registration of bang. If desired fix hairstyle by varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team