How to stack hairstyle cascade

How to stack hairstyle cascade

Recently the hairstyle cascade (short flight of stairs) became very popular, it does not concede, for example, to fashionable caret or bean at all. That the hairstyle kept the form, hair need to be styled correctly.

It is required to you

  • - hair dryer;
  • - hair gel or wax;
  • - varnish;
  • - round hairbrush;
  • - flat hairbrush;
  • - iron for hair.


  1. Wash up hair, slightly blot them with towel. Incline the head down and by means of the hair dryer dry curls, moving in the direction from the top to tips. Then by means of fingers style hair. Apply small amount of wax or gel on fingers and lay tips, wrapping them inside. Record all laying by varnish.
  2. To receive festive hairstyle at hairstyle cascade, apply foam on the washed-up, a little moist hair. You watch that foam has been applied evenly, at the same time avoid large number of means for laying in one place. Dry up hair by means of the hair dryer and hairbrush, observe the direction of movements from the top to tips. Try to extend separate curls at an angle ninety degrees. So hair will turn out more volume. Take round hairbrush and, tightening up hair inside or outside, lay tips.
  3. Wash up hair, dry sleg towel. Then take round hairbrush and the hair dryer and dry up curls, spraining tips which are on the line of the person – inside, and the others – outside. For increase in volume of this hairstyle comb hair on the top, slightly raise and lay, having created smooth curvy shape. Record the received result varnish.
  4. Make changes and add highlight to the hairstyle by means of experiment with hair parting. Here it is necessary to experiment and select as on different hair and different shape of face the change of hair parting looks individually. To make equal hair parting, comb moist hair back and divide edge of flat hairbrush into two equal half. You carry out hairbrush in the direction from forehead to the top. Similarly you can make hair parting on the right or at the left, changing only the line of division of hair.
  5. Do hair, using the iron for hair. Dry up curls the mode of warm air then apply means of thermal protection on hair. Extend them the iron, observing the mode according to the instruction of your device. Create the image, staying in good mood. Then at you everything will turn out quickly and beautifully.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team