How to stack long bang

How to stack long bang

The bang in any female hairstyle has number of considerable advantages. First, she can hide possible shortcomings on your face, such as wide forehead or strongly expressed face form. Secondly, this small cunning of hairdressers is capable to hide age, doing face to younger, and look bright and expressive. Thirdly, the hairstyle with bang looks always more complete. But in order that the image was stylish and visually finished, it is necessary to look after bang every day.

It is required to you

  • For laying of your bang and all head you need directly hair dryer, perhaps, the diffuser, round brush, hairbrush with very small teeths and varnish of average fixing. If desired you can get laying means for hair shine.


  1. At once, after you have washed up the head, let's to hair independently dry up a little. Then take the hair dryer and dry it all hair including bang, raising them at roots round brush. It will give additional volume to your hair.
  2. Now, when your hair almost dry, apply the looking after means for gloss on the ends of hair and it is a little on bang. You can dry up hair up to the end, previously extending them round brush to add to hairstyle dazzling gloss and smoothness.
  3. When the hairstyle is almost ready, at distance of 20 cm apply a little varnish on bang and comb it small hairbrush that tips of hair have not stuck together from varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team