How to stack long-term laying

How to stack long-term laying

With long-term laying it is possible to create various hairstyles, without resorting to services of the stylist. For this purpose special skills will not be required. Though some rules nevertheless need to be known.


  1. Long-term laying is done for increase in volume. At its performance the hair are wound on average and small hair curlers and are fixed by special structure. Therefore at once remember the only lack of long-term laying: if you dry up hair naturally, then on the head not the so esthetic shock will turn out. To correct this shortcoming very easily. Slightly wet hair, cause small amount of mousse and lay their phenom.
  2. If you have caret form hairstyle, then hair are dried, creating volume at roots. Pay special attention to bang. Take round hairbrush with dense teeths, and, turning it inside, reel up separate locks of bang, substituting under the hair dryer. You watch that the hairbrush took all hairs, but the locks which are sticking out separately have not turned out.
  3. At long-term laying it is very good to keep curls. Divide locks and, having taken tip of one of them, reel up on electric curl. Try not to overdo not to burn hair. It is possible to use thermohair curlers or the most usual foam also. Well lay all curls, fix by a few varnish.
  4. For hair of average length it is good to do hair with pile. For this purpose divide dry hair into separate locks. Hairbrush with small thin cloves carry out short sharp movements, moving ahead from roots to tips. Do not try to pull strongly not to injure hair. Gradually you pass from one lock to another. Having stopped combing, accurately smooth hairstyle hands, then hairbrush accurately create form. You watch that separate hairs were not beaten out from laying. Accurately pin up invisible beings on temples. It will help to create more romantic image. On end sprinkle varnish. For solemn occasion it is possible to pin up beautiful artificial flower in such hairstyle or to hook original hairpin.
  5. You remember, at long-term laying your hair are not injured as at chemical, and look much more great.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team