How to start going to sunbed

How to start going to sunbed

Beautiful, equal suntan especially attractively looks during the cold period when because of lack of the sun of face of most of people become pale, almost gray. Fine opportunity to receive golden shade of skin is given now by sunbeds. But to achieve the necessary result and not to do much harm to the organism, beginners should know some rules of their visit.


  1. Before you decide to cross for the first time sunbed threshold, be convinced that you have no medical contraindications to its visit. If you have some chronic diseases, consult to your attending physician. It is better to forget about artificial suntan if you suffer from diabetes, diseases of thyroid gland, oncological diseases and also have caught a cold and have not managed to recover or you take strong medicine, including antibiotics.
  2. The sunbed is harmful if you on body have many birthmarks and freckles. And if you made any procedures with skin (cleanings, epilation, grinding, etc.), you should hold off until the integument is not restored.
  3. If there are no contraindications, try to choose good specialized salon for which staff its reputation is not indifferent. You want to become more attractive and at the same time it has to be important to not to do much harm, so for you what services are provided in salon what lamps for suntan use and how competently to you can give advice and help with the choice of suntan preparations.
  4. You can receive good suntan in any sunbed – both horizontal, and vertical. But try to begin the visits with vertical. Learn how many in it is available lamps (there have to be from 42 to 48) and as far as they have developed the resource. You should not go there where seldom change lamps as do not receive good suntan. But beginners should not sunbathe also if lamps have fulfilled less than 50 hours as there is probability quickly to burn.
  5. For the first time you should not be late in sunbed more than 3-4 minutes, for the second time (not earlier than in 48 hours) it is possible to increase time for minute, but here everything depends on your tsvetotip.
  6. Make the plan of visits. To receive right color and to set it, it is enough to go to sunbed no more than three weeks on two or three times a week. To linger anyway on one session more, than for 15 minutes, it is impossible at all – about it you will be warned by each oncologist. After obtaining the necessary suntan take break not less than a month before you go to sunbed repeatedly.
  7. Before arrival to sunbed do not use deodorant, do not take bath or shower and also remove make-up. For protection will be necessary to you: skin cream, the moisturizing lip balm, hat or kerchief on hair, stikin (stickers on nipples) or napkins, points. Of course, there is risk to receive light circles around eyes if you use points therefore many just close eyes. But – the choice for you.
  8. It is better to buy cream for suntan in sunbed since usual, for sunshine, in this case does not approach. But for the first time cream, perhaps, does not need to be taken – suntan will grab and so.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team