How to steam out face

How to steam out face

The easiest and available way to carry out deep cleansing of face skin and to prepare skin for cosmetic masks - steaming of the person. Thanks to high efficiency of such procedure, it is widely applied both in expensive salons and in house conditions. 

It is required to you

    • Wide capacity, the glass or porcelain salad bowl will approach
    • Big towel
    • Boiled water or grass broth
    • Various additives, according to type of skin and personal preferences (essential oil, fresh or dry flowers and herbs, lemon, etc.)


1. For a start prepare the person for active influence of steam. Take away hair, remove make-up and wash warm water. It is not necessary to apply protective cream on eyelids and to wipe face with lotion. The face has to be absolutely cleaned from any cosmetics. Pour the boiling water or ready grass broth in flat dish. Add several drops of essential oil or the prepared fresh herbs, flowers to water. Wait minute until the burning steam descends.

2. Cover the head with towel and take the person, for the best disclosure of time and deep cleansing, over curative steam of 10-15 minutes. During the procedure do not open eye not to get cornea burn. 

3. Remove napkin or towel sweat, rinse skin with warm boiled water. Now the person is ready to the following procedures on skin clarification - mechanical cleaning and drawing cosmetic masks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team