How to steam out skin

How to steam out skin

Beautiful skin was always subject of envy of people around. It requires close attention and special care. Daily your skin is under the influence of negative factors and constantly has stress. To give its norm, it is necessary to do the procedure of steaming regularly.

It is required to you

  • Hot water, pan, herbs, towel, the cleaning lotion.


1. During steaming of time reveal, and it is much easier to purify leather from pollution. It is recommended to carry out steaming of the person not more often than once a week as you can break natural balance of skin and its protective functions. Prepare the leather for steaming. For this purpose carefully purify it from make-up.

2. Fill in with hot water small pan and add camomile teaspoon. It can be both fresh, and dried up. Bend over capacity and cover the head with towel so that it completely closed you from all directions. Practically at once you will begin to feel that your skin becomes soft. When steam passes – it means that the procedure of steaming is complete. Wipe face with the cleaning lotion or tonic. To reach bigger effect, after steaming the nutritious face pack is put.

3. Add grass to hot water and fill in with hot water. If you have oily skin, then you will suit peppermint and lemon, normal – lavender, rosemary, dry – camomile. Let's water cool down a little. Then in warm water lower cotton napkin. Wring out it and put on the person, then when it cools down, repeat the procedure again. Do so 3-4 times. In end wipe face with the cleaning lotion.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team