How to stick nail

How to stick nail

The feeling of disappointment and even despair when the nail breaks is familiar to each girl. You so long tried to grow beautiful manicure. Here, of course you will help nothing – everything should be straightened their and to start this long process anew. But if the nail has only cracked, then it is possible to save the situation.

It is required to you

  • - soft nail file,
  • - cuticle scissors,
  • - disinfecting solution,
  • - oil for strengthening of nails,
  • - varnish.


1. Usually the break occurs sideways, near the skin. It gives the mass of inconvenience as the cracked edge of nail continually tries to be hooked for your clothes and even hair. Sometimes it happens also is painful.

2. Perhaps, to you already once repaired the cracked nail in manicure salon therefore all process to you is well-known. But even if you never saw this procedure, following this advice, will be able quickly to restore beauty of hands.

3. For a start it is necessary to smooth out slightly soft nail file the cracked edge, that is to remove from it natural gloss. It is necessary to work very carefully not to damage and to increase crack.

4. Then to disinfect the cleaned site any means intended for this purpose. At the same time you will remove also residues of dust which were formed when grinding.

5. It is necessary to cut off piece of silk fabric for patch further. The size has to be several millimeters more than crack that it well kept on nail.

6. Now the most responsible moment. You cover nail with special varnish and it is careful by means of small stick or match you paste fabric. The patch has to close completely all cracked part and slightly take nail at the edges of crack. The main prevention at this stage - at all not to use usual household glue as it is possible to bring infection the chemicals which are its part. And then process of repair of nail will be dragged out in long course of treatment.

7. After drying of glue it is necessary to cut off accurately residues of fabric, to slightly polish surface and to apply nail oil to add initial gloss.

8. The final stage of work is putting varnish on the repaired nail. Here not less than two layers are necessary, so you will hide defects of repair. The most optimal variant is to make applique or the drawing on this nail. Especially, it is very fashionable now.

9. Such nail not really long time, only several days will keep. And if you constantly remember that it and to preserve against excess movements. It is necessary to repeat the procedure approximately time in 3-4 days. Of course, it demands time expenses, but when maintaining beauty of the victim are always inevitable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team