How to stick together nail

How to stick together nail

Go to manicure salon not only to make building or to improve nails. Happens that the client wants to put them in order after breakage. Therefore any master has to be able to stick correctly broken nail.

It is required to you

  • - antiseptics;
  • - gel or acrylic;
  • - UF lamp;
  • - silk or fayberglass;
  • - files;
  • - forms;
  • - hand bath;
  • - hypertensive solution of salt.


1. If one of nails is broken, it is the simplest to straighten the others. But often the client wants to keep length. In this case use such materials as silk or fayberglass. Apply them on the gel or glue which are laid out on the injured nail, dry and carefully polish file. Polymerize gel in ultra-violet lamp, then strengthen the thin reinforcing layer and again take under lamp. It is also possible to make double reinforcing that the nail was stronger.

2. If the nail is injured strongly, and from it blood, even in small quantity filters, give first aid. Process the damaged place antiseptic agent in order to avoid infection with infection, then make hypertensive solution of salt, having added to liter of warm water soda tablespoon, tea – salts and 5-6 drops of iodine. Lower finger with the injured nail in solution for 15-20 minutes, then wash with hydrogen peroxide, dry up napkin. Now it is possible to combine edges of the broken nail and to accurately stick together it gel or biogel.

3. Extend nail, having imposed on it form. Cover with gel or biogel, then fayberglassy. Impose the last so that to cover the lower part of nail and the damaged site with stock approximately in 2 mm. Polymerize in ultra-violet lamp 2 minutes and put one more layer of gel. Again place nail under lamp and when dries out, cover with sculptural gel and simulate as it is necessary.

4. It is possible to extend also injured nail by means of monomer and acrylic powder. Cut out disposable form so that it did not touch wound and contacted only to healthy surface. Before pasting disinfect nail Sterilium, Kutasept, antiseptic agent for hands of C1M1 or 5 percent spirit solution of iodine. Use the primer which is not containing acid. Accurately impose acrylic on form. When dries, very carefully saw round.

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