How to stimulate growth of hair on the head

How to stimulate growth of hair on the head

In month the hair grow by 1-1.5 cm, in warm season their growth accelerates. But many women do not accept such speed when the object is set – to grow long head of hear, there is a wish to reach it as soon as possible. There are several ways which will help you not only to stimulate growth of hair on the head, but also to strengthen them.


  1. Pay attention to the diet. In order that the organism received all nutrients and vitamins, necessary for growth of hair, food has to be balanced and various. You can use the special vitamin complexes developed for stimulation of growth of hair which are on sale in drugstores.
  2. Reconsider the way of life. Alcohol and smoking do to hair irreparable harm, slowing down their growth. Sports activities, active lifestyle improve metabolism and increase the growth rate of hair.
  3. It is regularly and correctly necessary to look after hair. If they are constantly poisoned with hydrogen peroxide, dried the hot hair dryer, spoiled chemical wave, then with they lack food therefore the ends just break off. Therefore impression is made that hair cease to grow. Exclude these factors of stress for your hair to stimulate their growth.
  4. Good stimulator are the natural folk remedies containing the ingredients annoyingly operating on hair follicles and strengthening inflow of blood and nutrients to roots of hair. Mustard, ginger, tincture of red pepper can have such effect. Their stimulating action is used in compounding of various masks for hair. You apply such masks regularly to head skin, you hold them 20-60 minutes, wash away warm water.
  5. Tincture of red hot pepper which can be made most is considered the most effective, having drawn several cut pods on vodka 2-3 weeks in the dark place. For mask mix on tablespoon of tincture, vegetable oil and conditioner. Consider at the same time such factor as sensitivity of your skin not to burn it and not to overdry hair therefore it is possible to add to mask also spoon of fat kefir.
  6. Traditionally for strengthening and growth of hair use white henna. To enhance its effect, add teaspoon of ground cinnamon to henna, make everything boiled water, cool and still apply warm weight on hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team