How to stimulate growth of hair: the checked method

How to stimulate growth of hair: the checked method

Very many women want hair to grow quicker. But after the short hairstyle is made, it is absolutely hard to grow long braid. Alas, hair grow too slowly. It is possible to accelerate growth of hair if to follow certain rules and to adhere to the recommendations of experts.


  1. Quickly only those hair which receive good nutrition from within grow. If to keep to diets and to refuse to itself necessary, no miracle masks and conditioners will help. So for a start it is necessary to enter into the diet nuts, sunflower seeds, fat fish, liver, bread of rough grinding, pasta of firm grades, brown rice, cottage cheese, olive oil. These products contain most of all those vitamins and microelements which are necessary for growth of hair. It is possible to add good vitamin and mineral complex with marking to healthy nutrition "for hair" or dry beer yeast.
  2. In parallel it is necessary to wean from habit to dry hair the hot hair dryer and to pull together them before going to bed with elastic band. Learn to do light massage of the head better. Mass head skin beginning from neck with circular motions, move to the top of the head and temples. Massage should be done 5-10 minutes a day, it will improve blood circulation and will force hair grow quicker. Do not forget to comb hair more often massage brush, it is some kind of additional massage too.
  3. Very well various folk remedies stimulate growth of hair. For example, it is possible to mix yolk of one egg with tablespoon of olive oil and three drops of vitamin (E) and to apply to head skin. Then it is necessary 10 to massage minutes the head, and then to leave hair to dry up. In 30 minutes it is possible to wash away mask shampoo and to apply balm on hair. It is regularly possible to mass head skin mix of almond and castoric oils, it will help hair follicles to become stronger. Are good for stimulation of growth of hair of mask from burdock oil. They should be applied to head skin for hour, and then to wash away shampoo.

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