How to stop emergence of birthmarks

How to stop emergence of birthmarks

Emergence of birthmarks is usually written off for the sign speaking about unusual luck of their owner. However the real causes of such spots on skin have more prosy character which is quite often menacing to human health. You show consideration for similar signs of "happiness" and do not delay visit of the doctor.


1. Limit the stay in the sun. Ultraviolet negatively affects pigmentation of skin and provokes emergence of new birthmarks. Especially it concerns pregnant women and people with excessively sensitive skin. If you like to sunbathe, and outside the window hot summer, do not forget to use sun-protection means. You should not trifle of this problem, from excessive influence of sunshine of birthmark can be transformed to malignant tumors.

2. Address the endocrinologist and the oncologist if your organism endures climax. At this time the hormonal state changes, and the immunoprotective system is weakened that contributes to the development of malignant tumors. Experts will carry out necessary surveys and will appoint the accompanying treatment which will support hormonal background of organism at the necessary level.

3. Check condition of liver. Quite often emergence of birthmarks is caused by developing of such diseases as cirrhosis and hepatitis. The increased content of slags can serve as one more reason. After inspection the doctor will appoint either treatment, or clarification of liver and special diet.

4. Try not to disturb surface of birthmarks. For example, women pull out hair, and men damage birthmarks during shaving. It provokes excessive rush of blood, and the melanoma participating in formation of birthmarks begins to extend on all organism. It is excessive to remind that independent removal of birthmarks is hazardous to health as can lead to big blood loss.

5. After experts survey your organism and emergence of birthmarks will remove the causes, try to remove them. For this purpose use laser freezing or mechanical burning out.

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