How to stop loss of eyelashes

How to stop loss of eyelashes

To wake up without eyelashes, perhaps, one of the most bad dreams of any girl. Each of us dreams that they were long and dense, for this purpose the modern cosmetic lines offer set of means. But what to do if natural updating of eyelashes turns into their obsypaniye? It is already called loss of eyelashes, and the reasons should be found quicker, otherwise the dream will become reality.

If this unpleasant phenomenon has concerned you, first of all pay attention to the ink. Allergic reaction to cosmetics, according to experts, is basis the reason of loss of eyelashes. Try to remember when the first signs have appeared, perhaps new ink or shadows have provoked loss of eyelashes. 

Today on counters there is a lot of quality cosmetics, but it is even more fakes and copies, and some girls even buy means in so-called shops of one price, thereby risking to lose the eyelashes at once and forever. Remember, cheap cosmetics of unknown Chinese "brands" can be dangerous to your health and beauty. And acquire well-known brands only in specialized shops, not in transitions or in the market at all.

If you quite often forget to wash away cosmetics before going to bed - be not surprised to loss of eyelashes. The fact is that ink, especially steady, contains special substances which just block normal work of eyelashes, as a result they die off and fall off.

Such procedure well-loved by fashionable beauties as eyelash extension can cause their loss. That it has not occurred, it is necessary to give rest to eyes, constant carrying artificial eyelashes will not lead to good. Also cheap glue and other supportive applications play the role. Conclusion: address only to solid beauty shops which value the reputation.

There are also other reasons which provoke loss of eyelashes. These are some skin diseases of eyes — blepharitis, demodicosis, alopecia and others. Here, of course, without the assistance of the doctor you should not manage and hesitate on a visit. Having carried out full survey, he or will exclude availability of disease, or will appoint the corresponding treatment.

The result of reduced immunity, improper feeding and lack of vitamins (especially groups B) in organism can lead to loss of eyelashes. Moreover, these factors are capable to affect also condition of skin and hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team