How to stop old age

How to stop old age

It is impossible to avoid old age, sooner or later it will come in all the manifestations. But for some people the old age is state of mind, and here for others - infirmity of body and delicacy of health. Something cannot be made with the first manifestation. But to reduce visible signs of old age and it is quite possible to improve the health.


  1. Healthy nutrition - guarantee of beauty and health. Pay attention to what you eat. With age it is necessary to exclude from diet all fat, fried, smoked, marinated and tinned. Improper feeding negatively affects health of internals that leads to presenilation. Diversify diet with fresh vegetables and fruit, drink juice, and here refuse carbonated drinks absolutely better.
  2. Lead active lifestyle. You go to fitness club or visit the pool and if you have no time for it then just do exercises in the mornings or make small jog. Blood will quicker circulate and enrich with oxygen all bodies that will positively affect their health and your general health. Try to walk as much as possible in the fresh air, make hikes to the forest.
  3. Regularly visit hospital and you have routine inspection and also take blood test not only on the general analysis, but also on the level of content of hormones. With age the amount of sex hormones decreases that leads to appearance of wrinkles and excess weight. If you have any deviations in work of internals or whole bunch of diseases, try to cure them.
  4. But not only internals, but also skin, hair and nails grow old. Drink vitamin and antioxidant complexes for maintenance of appearance. Use cosmetics with collagen, with age it is produced in smaller quantities because of what wrinkles around eyes appear.
  5. Listen to the health, try to fix problems with it at once after their emergence. You watch the weight and appearance, then you will be able to suspend aging process, only you can affect these factors and eliminate their manifestations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team