How to stop sitting of hair

How to stop sitting of hair

All people want to keep youth and appeal as long as possible. Therefore they try to disguise emergence of gray hair, any way to prevent canities. There are simple ways helping to suspend this process.

It is required to you

  • Dried grass of nettle, garlic, vinegar.


  1. In case of early canities of hair the intake of tincture of great nettle will help. For this purpose take 10 grams of the dry crushed grass and fill in with glass of boiled water, then insist 15 minutes, accept 3-4 times a day to food on third of glass, and so within month. It is possible to repeat this course 5-6 times a year. As contraindications to intake of infusion of nettle serve gynecologic diseases.
  2. It is possible to prepare mask which interferes with melanin loss – the painting pigment, he is responsible for color of our hair. This mask is plain in preparation and will not take away from you a lot of time. So, we need a little garlic from which it is necessary to prepare gruel. Then, for hour before washing of hair, rub this garlic gruel in head skin and wrap up the head with towel then properly wash out hair. Such mask perfectly strengthens roots of hair and interferes with formation of gray hair. Course of treatment – 2 months, in two months it is possible to repeat.
  3. At emergence of gray hair take care of as far as possible to avoid external adverse effects on all organism in general and on hair in particular. You should not use often intensively painting chemicals, to overdry hair phenom, to subject them to influence of direct sunshine, etc. Try to refuse addictions, such as smoking, excessive alcohol intake, avoid stresses. The condition of nervous system quite strongly affects appearance of your hair.
  4. There is also such recipe of traditional medicine against sitting of hair as rubbing in in nettle infusion head skin with addition of vinegar. For this purpose it is necessary to draw 50 grams of dry grass in 0.5 liters of hot water within 20 minutes. Then to add 0.5 liters of 6% vinegar to infusion, to boil mix within 30 minutes. The turned-out broth is rubbed in head skin daily, within week.
  5. At the begun canities of hair pay attention to the food allowance. It is considered that products rich with copper, such as parsley, walnuts, germinated wheat, help to prevent emergence of gray hair. Enough vitamins and mineral substances contributes to normalization of exchange processes in organism, and, so will suspend also sitting. It is the best of all if you take the complex vitamin drugs courses, several times a year.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team