How to stop skin aging

How to stop skin aging

Skin, as well as all human body, over the years grows old. In the course of aging its appearance, structure changes. It becomes thinner, decreases elasticity and elasticity. With age there are small wrinkles, eventually their depth increases. Age changes on face skin are most noticeable – by 40 years eyelids are a little deformed, the face form changes, frontal wrinkles are formed and nasolabial folds become aggravated. Whether there are ways to stop skin aging?


1. Completely it is impossible to stop these processes, but there are ways to slow down skin withering. Begin to use anti-aging cosmetics before when time for that to correct everything, is missed. The correct and timely leaving allows skin to neutralize as much as possible negative impact of diseases, stress, adverse weather conditions. If you are still young, begin to watch condition of skin already today, in time purify it and humidify, as much as possible protect from the sun. At more mature age buy cosmetics suitable you as skin and on age. These means are more expensive as by their production the components preventing aging of skin and smoothing wrinkles are used.

2. Besides, doctors are unanimous in opinion: if the person abuses alcohol, smokes, overeats and sleeps a little, to care for the skin to it is useless. These negative factors promptly and irrevocably destroy it. In this case it is possible either to go to seed, or to lay down under the surgeon's scalpel. But the last is any more not way to stop aging, and the means of correction of irreversible processes effective only on short period if the way of life of people at the same time does not change.

3. Withering of skin is promoted by unbalanced food allowance. Refuse the processed products, semi-finished products, "fast" food. Sausages, pelmeni, fried, smoked, sausage will not bring benefit not only to skin, but also organism in general. White flour and sugar reduce elasticity of integument at all. Level of collagen tends to zero, and wrinkles develop. Drink juice, compotes, eat the fresh vegetables and fruit, porridges and natural products prepared in house conditions. By the way, green tea contains the antioxidants neutralizing action of free radicals, and it is great slowed down in turn by process of aging of skin and organism.

4. Control anger, try not to fall apart and not to overtire. During stress in organism substance histamine is produced. It is responsible for inflammations and is capable to destroy skin cells from within. You have fun and treat life with humour. Laughter very quickly reduces the level of stressful hormone of cortisol. And it prolongs smoothness, elasticity and youth of your skin for many years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team