How to straighten curly hair

How to straighten curly hair

If you dream of straight and smooth hair, but about the nature are owner wavy or even curly, you obviously should study some rules by means of which you will make straight lines even unruly hair. Let's start!


  1. For hair to remain direct and smooth, moistening is very important. Therefore before each laying you should wash the head with the moisturizing shampoo and the conditioner. It, first, will protect hair from peresushivaniye during the further heat treatments by the hair dryer or the iron, and secondly, will weight and will saturate with moisture structure of hair.
  2. You should not straighten absolutely wet hair, they have to be slightly damp. If you are going to use brush hairbrush and the hair dryer, then hair can become dry and fragile from amount of the evaporated moisture! And the iron in that case simply will not work. Therefore after washing we wrap the head in terry towel approximately for 10-15 minutes, in we lie which moisture will be actively absorbed.
  3. What means should be used for hair straightening? Have best of all proved serums and various sprays. Mousses and skins often do not provide good result because of the texture, they quite often stick together and make heavier hair.
  4. So, we apply spray or serum on slightly moist hair, distributing on all length. Then we take hairbrush with rather rare cloves and divides hair into locks.
  5. How you are going to straighten curls? The most popular ways - by means of the hair dryer and special round brush and also the spetsilny iron for hair. In the first case you should wind each lock on brush and kind of slowly and to carefully extend it under hot stream of the hair dryer. If you correctly choose hairbrush (and it is worth paying your attention to brushes from natural pile as they do not damage structure of hair, and polish it), then you will almost not do harm to hair. What widespread mistakes at hair straightening thus? You should not dry hair vpolotny, directing stream too close to hair, from it they spoil rather strongly and dried up, losing all moisture. Between the hair dryer and lock there have to be not less than 10 centimeters.
  6. After you have dried up and have straightened each lock, there is sense once again to sprinkle hair the moisturizing straightening spray, to allow to dry finally and to record varnish.
  7. And now about irons. First, it will be good if you do not regret money for the high-quality iron with ceramic covering. Such irons are more expensive, but at the same time practically do not affect structure of hair and dry up them much less. It is almost impossible to burn through hair such iron. The same concerns also irons in function of the choice of temperature - you can choose suitable you to achieve the necessary result depending on features and thickness of your hair.
  8. Hair before straightening by the iron have to be almost dry, divided into locks and processed by means for laying. Each lock needs to be extended from roots to tips, at the same time without leaving the iron for a long time - thus moisture strongly evaporates, and hair become unruly and overdried. In what advantage of hair straightening in such a way? First, result - hair really look very smooth and direct, often they gain attractive gloss. But effect of such straightening very short-term, and after the first washing the hair take the former form. It turns out that it is necessary to straighten them all the time and in such a way. At hair straightening by means of the hair dryer you kind of gradually change and polish structure of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team