How to straighten curly hair

How to straighten curly hair

The nature of women such is that having beautiful hair curly by nature, they want to straighten them by all means. Fortunately, today it does not make special work. Thanks to the existing tools and cosmetics it is possible to straighten even the most disobedient curls not only in hairdresser's salon, but also in house conditions.


  1. For a while the thermal way will help to straighten curlies. Wash the head and, having a little dried it towel, start business. Slightly pull locks of hair hairbrush and fix them in such situation with the help of the hair dryer. Try not to hurry and do everything very accurately as it is possible to injure hair. Pay attention that this procedure will not be suitable for straightening of chemical wave.
  2. Wash the head, apply on moist hair means for straightening and wait until they dry in the natural way. Turn on the special device - "iron" - and leave for some time that it has properly heated up. After that capture by him one lock and slowly carry out on all length of hair from roots to tips. Try not to detain long the device on one site. If necessary repeat the procedure.
  3. To straighten hair on long period, visit hairdresser's salon. There will offer you one of popular procedures – chemical straightening. At first will apply special chemical on curls, and after that will extend them by means of the smoothing brush and will fix by gel or varnish. This way, though effective, at the same time is very harmful to hair. Therefore it is recommended to use it as seldom as possible.
  4. One more saloon way of straightening of curly hair – bio-straightening. It is considered absolutely harmless as excludes use of chemical means. Hair process amino-tsistiinovy acids. They get into cores of hair and, interacting with keratins, change their structure. As a result your locks become more smooth and silky.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team