How to straighten hair after chemical wave

How to straighten hair after chemical wave

Unfortunately, visit of hairdressing salon or beauty shop not always brings satisfaction and good mood. Have done new hair – and only after that you understand that it not absolutely what you wanted, and it is impossible "to carry" it on the head! Of course, any more not to return the cut-off hair, but with not pleasant "chemistry" it is still possible to fight.


  1. The fastest, but, alas, short-lived way of hair straightening after you have made chemical wave – use of the electric iron. Choose the iron better with ceramic, but not metal plates that hair spoiled less. At first well dry up the head. Then apply on your hair some thermoprotectant – milk, serum or lotion. And further take hair small locks and miss them under hot press of the tool, only try on one place long not to detain him. Use this method not more often than once a week, otherwise in general lose the natural beauty.
  2. Other way of straightening by means of the iron is to wash up hair neutral shampoo, to dry up and sprinkle them spray for alignment. After that "walk" on hair the iron.
  3. Try to straighten also hair after washing by means of very strong conditioner and wax for straightening of hair.
  4. If wave easy, you can try "to extend" hair by means of the hair dryer and round hairbrush (it is better if in it natural bristles are added). For strengthening of effect use gel, skin, generally, any means for hair straightening. Begin the procedure, so far hair damp. Unfortunately, if weather damp, hair can return to initial, curled, to state. But it is possible to try.
  5. If it cannot be made in house conditions, again go to beauty shop: experts have special, chemical, means for straightening. In this case your hair as much as possible become straight, and then are well moistened with solution for wave. But you remember that if your hair are painted by some natural paint (henna or basmy), you should not spend money for chemical straightening – solution all the same will not be able to get in hair. After you straighten hair, it is necessary to treat them as they are already strongly damaged. Oil them more often burdock, various recovery masks, do not connect and do not clamp them, try not to use the hair dryer and do not comb wet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team