How to straighten hair by means of the hair dryer

How to straighten hair by means of the hair dryer

Ideally smooth and shiny hairs look stylish and is well-groomed. It is only enough to owners of supple hair to comb hair that they have become straight and have laid down lock to lock. And how to be to owners of the curling and disobedient locks? It is necessary to arm with the hair dryer and round brush.

It is required to you

  • - hair dryer,
  • - round hairbrush,
  • - hairpins nippers.


  1. Before the procedure of straightening carefully wash up hair and get wet with towel. When hair a little dry up, untangle them plastic crest with rare teeths. For bigger effect you can apply on moist hair means for smoothing of hair (conditioner, gel, mousse). Pound means between palms and accurately iron hands hair on all length. Also the thermoprotectant will be not superfluous. It will save your hair from drying and fragility after influence by hot air.
  2. Take several hairpins in the form of nippers. Divide hair into equal locks and pin up them hairpins so that hair did not flutter during drying phenom. Then dismiss one lock and get under it big round brush. Turn on the hair dryer and begin to dry hair, delaying them brush. Direct current of air from top to down, on the course of growth of hair. If to make on the contrary, then you strongly injure hair. It is not recommended to use strongly hot air and big pressure of air for drying. For maintaining health of hair alternate the modes of hot and cold drying. Finish the procedure of straightening by stream of cold air. Having straightened one lock, you pass to following. You will achieve optimum result when hair are damp, but not wet.
  3. Special spray or varnish can fix hair in the straightened state. Spray varnish from long distance that locks did not become heavy and sticky. Your hair will be smooth and direct to the following washing of hair. That curls have not curled again, avoid soaking of hair. Rooms with the increased humidity and wet weather can destroy all your efforts in a moment. Therefore straighten hair in dry weather and those days when you do not plan visit of aquapark and other "water" places. For straightening of strongly curly hair use the ceramic iron.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team