How to straighten hair forever

How to straighten hair forever

The long, silky, streaming straight hair. They have strongly become fashionable. And what to do to owners of the curling and curly hair? The science does not stand still, there is chemical hair straightening which call hair straightening forever.


  1. Before starting hair straightening it is necessary to define their physical state. If the hair painted, thinned the ends split, before the procedure of straightening within two weeks it is necessary to treat hair, using the special strengthening masks. You should not apply means to straightening of the dry, decoloured or melirovanny hair.
  2. Set for straightening contains: the straightening cream, the conditioner enriched with multivitamins and neutralized cream. Means can be used without gloves, but to part only in plastic ware. It is desirable to grease head skin with fat cream to secure it against possible irritation and burns.
  3. All procedure of hair straightening takes from three to five hours. It is the best of all to entrust this complex business to professionals, but if you are determined to carry out the procedure independently, get acquainted with all its stages.
  4. Wash ph hair with neutral shampoo, cleaning them from fat and varnish, well dry up their phenom. Then divide hair into 5 zones and, since nape, apply the straightening cream on thin locks. Evenly distribute cream on all length of hair, without reaching about a half-centimeter head skin.
  5. Time of influence of cream for hair depends on their state and density and is from about 10 to 25 minutes. To learn readiness of hair, later minutes fifteen after have applied cream, take lock of hair, remove cream and tie small knot. If the node is easily untied, leave cream for some time. When the node ceases to be untied easily, your hair are rather straightened.
  6. Carefully wash away the straightening cream and put for 15 minutes the conditioner on the basis of multivitamin complex. Again properly wash out and dry up hair.
  7. Start smoothing of hair by means of the iron. For this purpose separate hair small locks and smooth movements, without detaining the iron more than for three seconds on one place, begin to smooth hair. Temperature of the iron has to be not higher than 180 degrees.
  8. Again divide hair into five zones, and begin to apply neutralized cream, without breaking shape of the smoothed hair. Leave it on hair approximately for about twenty minutes. Wash away neutralized cream without use of detergents. Dry up hair by means of the hair dryer.

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