How to straighten hair the ordinary curling iron

How to straighten hair the ordinary curling iron

By means of the curling iron it is possible to experiment with the hairstyle. The curling iron twists hair quickly and for long term. But with its help it is possible not only to twist hair, but also to straighten them.

What curling iron should use?

Thermal impact on hair has always an effect. To take care of the hair and to reduce risk of their damage it is necessary to choose the curling iron carefully. Preference should be given to devices with nonmetallic plates. They at observance of temperature condition do not burn down hair and do not damage their structure. The best and safe option the curling iron with ceramic covering is considered.

Hot hair straightening

The hair straightening is considered the most widespread method straightening is hotter. It is the most effective and keeps on hair more than eight hours. Hot laying looks effectively and beautifully, and at the same time occupies you small amount of time.

As well as any other method, it has several shortcomings. The main shortcoming, certainly, is dehydration of hair. For this reason, using the curling iron, it is necessary to use various oils and sprays for hair dressing. The method of hot hair straightening is not recommended to women with the weakened hair. Limp hair easily is exposed to section and in several weeks of constant use of the curling iron will be come to do short hairstyle. Also it is not necessary to detain long the curling iron on one place, it is better to return to lock once again, than to melt hair. Well and of course, the method of hot straightening is considered not the safest. Straightening hair the curling iron, it is possible to burn. Burns from electric devices pass very long and demand the same treatment, as well as solar.

The sequence of actions at hair straightening the curling iron

Before hair straightening their curling iron it is necessary to prepare carefully. It is the best of all to apply for this purpose on them special means for smoothing. Thanks to it hair will be protected, and will cope with them much easier. Best of all for convenience to divide all hair into two parts: upper and lower. It is the best of all to begin drawing with lower. To begin to straighten hair it is also necessary from below to do not pass uniform curl. By means of hairbrush it is necessary to separate lock of hair and to install the curling iron to its roots. It is necessary to do it extremely attentively and carefully, so not to burn head skin. Having fixed the curling iron, it is necessary to conduct slowly it to tips of hair, scrolling it in the opposite direction. By the same method lock behind lock it is necessary to straighten the lower part of hair, and then and upper. As soon as all process ends, hair need to be greased with several drops of coconut or almond oil. It will add them healthy gloss and softness.

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