How to straighten hair without curling iron

How to straighten hair without curling iron

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Girls whom the nature has awarded with curly hair most often aim to straighten them. It to make the most widespread way - to use the curling iron. However it can do essential harm to hair.


  1. In order that to straighten hair without curling iron, try to use the following recommendation. Your head of hear will remain for a long time smooth and silky if you correctly begin to look after it. Draw special attention to moistening. Every time before laying performance surely wash the head with the special moisturizing shampoo. Finish the procedure balm or the conditioner. It will help to protect head skin from peresushivaniye, and will also promote saturation by moisture, so and to weighting of hair. As a result hair will become straight under body weight.
  2. Do not try to straighten hair right after washing. They have to be slightly damp. If you use the hair dryer and brush hairbrush, then wet locks can become lifeless, fragile and dry from such large amount of the evaporated moisture. That it has not occurred, right after washing for 10-15 minutes wrap the head towel. During this time all excess moisture will leave your hair.
  3. Various serums and sprays optimum will be suitable for hair straightening. To you skins and mousses can not yield good result. Because of the texture they not only make heavier, but also stick together locks. Apply spray or serum on slightly damp head of hear. Carefully distribute on all length. Take wooden hairbrush with rare teeths. Divide it hair into locks. Comb them. The effect will not keep itself waiting long.
  4. You can also try to straighten curls by means of special round brush and the hair dryer. Take small lock. Reel up it on brush. Then turn on the hair dryer and under hot current of air carefully extend. Many girls and this way of straightening consider harmful. However it not absolutely so. At right choice of brush you will not do harm to hair. Upon its purchase draw special attention to pile. It surely has to be natural. In this case the structure of hair will not be damaged. Besides, you do not dry lock vpolotny. It will lead to their damage and siccation. Between the hair dryer and hair the minimum distance has to make 10 centimeters.

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