How to straighten knees

How to straighten knees

Equal and beautiful legs – dream of most of girls. Unfortunately, not all the nature makes such gift, and to get rid of curvature happens not easy. It forces many to suffer, refuse wearing skirts, etc. However it is quite simple to straighten legs. The main thing is to find the reason of similar curvature. So, for example, it is enough to much to straighten knees.


  1. Doctors note the fact that the curvature of legs does not affect health and health of the person. However it can affect psychology of the girl who begins to feel uncertainly. To be happy, the peace of mind which can achieve is necessary.
  2. Today allocate three types of curvature of legs. Depending on it it is necessary to use any given method of their straightening. Attentively examine the legs and define whether the curvature of curvature in knees, shin or femur is result of them. If you have noticed that your knees are located too close or far apart, begin to do the following exercises.
  3. For a start carefully probe the knees. Try to find articulate crack which is located 4 centimeters below, than patella (if to consider from the center). This that place on which it is necessary to bend all efforts.
  4. The adjusting receptions will also demand extras.
  5. In particular, take small piece of jeans or tarpaulin fabric. Measure piece which sizes are 15 by 20 centimeters, and accurately cut off it.
  6. Now by means of usual threads sew sack tube and fill it with salt or ordinary fine sand. Also sew up the remained free end.
  7. To straighten knees, take the turned-out bag, sit down conveniently on chair and begin to pokolachivat it on leg in the field of articulate crack. In case knees are too strongly divorced in the parties, beat patella inside. Otherwise place emphasis on outer side.
  8. To achieve results, similar exercise should be done daily, in the morning and in the evening. At the same time it is enough to give to this occupation 1 minute. Begin with easy percussion, gradually doing heavier blows. Unfortunately, finally you can straighten knees only later half a year.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team