How to strengthen breast after the delivery

How to strengthen breast after the delivery

Not all women manage to keep breast in original state during the postnatal period. As a rule, it changes in shape, becoming less elastic. But everything can be prevented if in time to pay attention to it. Daily procedures, various cosmetics are always glad to come to the rescue of you.


1. Favorable impacts of massage are known to all. Main properties of this procedure: Normalizes metabolism, improves blood circulation and also increases elasticity and elasticity of skin. To avoid breast extensions, carry out plucked massage. For this purpose you will not need to visit expensive beauty shops. Such type of massage you can do houses independently. For this purpose take contrast shower and well pound body terry towel. Apply on area of breast special cream from extensions. Index and thumb accurately to poshchipayta breast. 2-3 times a week, since third month after the delivery are recommended to hold this procedure.

2. Do not forget about charging. The complex of special exercises will help you to strengthen and tighten your breast. One of them very simple and effective. Sit down back and lean back. Put palms together fingers up. Send elbows in parallel to floor. Deeply inhale, having held the breath for 10-15 seconds. At the same time try to squeeze palms with force. Softly exhale and relax hands. Repeat this exercise 15-20 times. Are also not less effective for strengthening of breast of squeezing from floor or from wall.

3. Pay also special attention to your bra, especially if you have by nature curvy shapes. Correctly picked up underwear plays important role. During pregnancy the breast, as a rule, increases. During this period address to specialized shop for purchase of new bra of necessary form, taking into account your interesting situation. You remember: thin shoulder-straps badly hold breast and unpleasantly stick into skin.

4. Do not forget that during pregnancy and after the delivery the breast requires special care. The huge amount of modern cosmetics is presented on counters of shops. Do not neglect them use, having attentively studied the instruction and structure.

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