How to strengthen eyelashes

How to strengthen eyelashes

Red, blue, green extinguish – one question: how will they look on fragile eyelashes? The thinning brittle eyelashes can be strengthened, kind of they did not look bad. And that the most pleasant, it is not necessary to visit the cosmetologist, it is enough to give to this process five minutes a day.


1. It is possible to give to expressiveness to look, having only slightly tinted eyelashes. Natural dense long eyelashes in the modern world meet more and more seldom. They are spoiled by dust, cosmetics, stresses, avitaminosis and mass of other reasons. Therefore their fragile state needs to be supported constantly by food and the correct daily leaving.

2. 1. You apply ink above roots of eyelashes. Couple of millimeters will save eyelashes from drying, and will not affect length in any way. 2. Remove make-up only special means in the following way. Half of the cotton tampon moistened with means for removal of make-up close lower eyelid. The soulmate remove make-up: from nose bridge to outer side of eye – upper eyelid, from temple to internal corner of eye – lower eyelid.3. Wash away eyelashes from roots to tips, the accurate stroking movements.4. Ink can also be washed away the brush moistened with oil (olive, burdock, castoric).

3. Nutritious masks for strengthening resnitsv house conditions it is easy to look after eyelashes by means of natural oils and vitamins from capsules.1. Wash out brush from old ink and well dry. Take any closed bottle (better to use glass capacity).2. Fill it with one of oils (castoric – is the best of all, grape seeds, burdock, olive, coconut, etc.) with addition of vitamin A or E.3. Well moisten with structure brush and carry out from roots (receding 2 mm) to tips of eyelashes.4. Remove oil in the fridge.

4. It is necessary to cause the strengthening structure every day for the night. After the procedure well wash out brush and dry to next time. The effect of daily application will be visible in month. Create the unique structures and select the most effective ingredients. For example: in identical parts mix oil of grape seeds, aloe juice, burdock oil, vitamin A. Yours eyelash will not only become stronger every day, but also quickly grow.

5. The strengthening and refreshing compresses for expressive glaz1. Make herbs on the scheme.2 specified on packing. Plentifully moisten cotton tamponchik and take notice them of area. Have a rest within 16 - 25 minutes.3. Remove disks, let's eyes dry and apply the strengthening structure on eyelashes. Grasses it is possible to make different: camomile, cornflower, parsley, calendula and others. As herbs are well compatible, it is the best of all to make several plants together.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team