How to strengthen eyelashes burdock oil

How to strengthen eyelashes burdock oil

oil – effective and available cosmetic product. Its rich structure including salts, mineral substances, protein, vitamins, stearic acid and other elements helps to enrich skin, to strengthen and feed hair, eyelashes and nails.

It is required to you

  • - cotton pads and Q-tips;
  • - clean brush for ink;
  • - burdock oil;
  • - castor oil;
  • - vitamin E;
  • - aloe juice;
  • - almond oil.


  1. You apply burdock oil in pure form. Prepare for drawing cotton pad, stick, clean cosmetic brush or brush for ink. The brush should be cleaned previously from residues of dye and it is good to dry. Do not leave burdock oil on eyelashes for the night – it will spread on skin, causing morning swelling, and can get into eyes that in itself is very unpleasant and harmful. Before application carry out the test for allergy – grease bend of elbow and in a day estimate condition of integuments.
  2. Prepare nutritious balms with addition of burdock oil. Complex means have bigger efficiency, than pure oil therefore connect it to other useful ingredients. In small jar mix identical parts of burdock and castoric oils, add drop of liquid vitamin E and a little juice of aloe for mix cultivation. Well mix and you apply on eyelashes in the habitual way once a day.
  3. The second strengthening complex having bigger intensity of action – mix of burdock, almond and castoric oils. If to add to structure on drop of oil vitamin E and cod-liver oil, then the strong medicine capable to prevent even intensive loss of eyelashes will turn out. All oil procedures should be carried out courses – for 2-3 weeks, then it is necessary to take break for month.
  4. Gain ready structure. It is possible to find several types of burdock oil differing in vegetable additives and the components included in structure in drugstore. All of them act effectively and with guarantee, but some contain the preservatives allowing to prolong the term of their operation therefore read labels.
  5. Prepare burdock oil independently. To be convinced of naturalness of components, you can prepare burdock oil in house conditions. Dry roots of burdock should be reduced to powder, to fill in with olive oil and to insist within three weeks, not filtered can apply structure. The second option – the roots of burdock which are filled in with oil to insist within a day in heat, then to boil and boil down. Such infusion should be filtered and poured in glass capacity – it will remain longer.

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